In the year after their death the deceased receive approaching 100 items of Direct Mail

560,000 people who die every year in the UK will receive an average 80 items of direct mail in the year after their death. Some estimates put the actual figure even higher than this, in an article on The Telegraph’s website figures from the Deceased Preference Service show that 59 million pieces of Direct Mail a year are being sent to people who have died.Read More »


The deceased can’t buy: Clean your lists the right way

If the direct marketing and telemarketing industries would remove the names of deceased individuals from their customer and prospects lists, they’d be saving big bucks in mailing and telephone expenses. Unfortunately, they don’t bend over backwards to remove these names.Read More »


Having a database with inaccurate contact information or “dirty hygiene” can take control of your finances and prevent your constituents from receiving your mailing.  Sending mail to a recipient with misspellings, contacting people who may be deceased or don’t want to be contacted does not best represent your organization.Read More »

The Importance of Data Cleansing and Data Suppression in Direct Mail Marketing

We recently carried out a data project on one of our existing customers that has a client database consisting of 300,000 records. The basic premise of the project was to determine how much it would cost the client to send out an direct mail campaign to its entire customer database. Then, if it took the same amount of customer data, ran it through a data cleansing and data suppression process to remove people that are non-contactable or who shouldn’t be contacted, how much saving would that provide?Read More »

Taking a Proactive Approach to Mailing Lists & Deceased Suppression

Any organisation which directly promotes its products or services to its customers or prospects using a rented mailing list will know that one of the most embarrassing, insensitive and costly errors to a direct mailer is sending a mailing piece addressed to someone who is deceased. Such actions can cause a great deal of distress to the bereaved family members, especially when you consider the kind of eye-catching slogans that might be used to grab attention. Headlines such as “Put a smile on everyone’s face this Christmas,” “You’re pre-approved” or “We need your support this Christmas!” can cause genuine and understandable upset.Read More »

Dignity Marketing Plans Suppression List for Deceased

Dignity Marketing will make a suppression list containing names of the deceased available to direct mailers and telemarketers within a month, the Charlotte, NC-based company said yesterday. Use of the list will reduce wasted mail and calling time, said Jim Veilleux, president of Dignity Marketing. He estimated that direct marketers contact 2 million people who are deceased each year, using 40,000 tons of paper and angering grieving families.

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