Lean DM – Focus on Goneaway and Deceased Suppression

Around 1.5 million people move house each year and over 500,000 people unfortunately pass away. This level of constant change can lead to data decaying at rates of over 30% per year for some organisations. The Office of National Statistics estimate up to 110 items of mail can be sent to the deceased in the 12 months after their death.Read More »


7 Ways to Create Suppression Lists to Avoid Emailing the Wrong Leads

Email marketers spend a lot of time creating lists. Lists by persona, lists by sub-persona, by lifecycle stage, by topic of recent conversion, by number of times they’ve viewed a webpage … You name it, there’s a list segment for it. All of these list segments give us a way to whittle down our databases and find the best audience for a particular email, or for a particular piece of smart content on our websites.Read More »